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Three easy steps to create a personal balance sheet and understand your wealth

Improving your personal wealth is usually the number one reason for starting your own business. So too is the desire to spend more time with your family. Today you will discover how to do both by creating a personal balance sheet – an important task which will shape your journey as a business owner. In order to improve your personal wealth, you need to know what you have and where you want to finish. When you have that starting point you can quantify

7 simple performance measurement techniques that will make your business more profitable

Businesses are like people. As time goes by, they change and evolve because they are influenced by the environment in which they operate. Is it for the better? Sometimes it is… but not in all cases. Here at Northern Accountants, we know there are things we did in the last 12 months that we could do much better next year. There are also some aspects from when we first started trading in 2007 that were better than last year. How do we know

How the new Flat Rate VAT changes 2017 will affect you!

Here are two main reasons why business owners need to be aware of the significant Flat Rate VAT changes for 2017:You may need to pay HMRC more VAT You could end up with a hefty VAT bill at a later dateThis is why it’s important for anyone who owns a business to FULLY understand the complex Flat Rate Scheme (FRS) changes which came into effect from 1st April 2017. The Flat Rate Scheme explained The FRS was designed to simplify the recording of